Merry Xmas, LULU Collar’s arrived.

Hi everyone,

As a designer, I’ve always tried to bring that special blend of beauty and innovation to Second Life.

The Signature gear first introduced Air-Rez, Drop-Rez and Re-Rez to Second Life.  The LULU Gag brought garbling and training circles to gagettes, and the LULU Cuffs brought unprecedented live bondage poses.

Now, I present you the next step… Dynamic AO with Next-Gen live anims, Web 2.0 integration, and lots of little scripting tricks… mix them together, and we have the LULU Collar.

Merry Xmas! And enjoy!

Secret Warehouse will be open for business, shortly. And I’ll be taking a much-needed break for Christmas and New Year!!!



Thanks to my secret troop of beta testers, especially Frost and Lightning for breaking the most things!

Also, thanks to Chole1982 Constantine and Think Kink for contributing their awesome RLV Relay scripts to the Utility HUD (everyone’s invited to add to this Open Source project).

And also to Summer Seale for being such a sexy LULU Cover Girl.

And Coventina Dalgeish (and Kwakkelde Kwak) for the lovely slave girls posing as nude models.  Kwak did a lot of other things too, but unfortunately they’re not going to be seen yet.

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