Have you clicked your Pet Tag yet?

It still amazes me how many avies I meet who haven’t yet discovered their own Pet Tag on their LULU Collar.

It’s one of the coolest things about the Collar, symbol of being owned.

The Pet Tag

The pet tag has a front and back. Just click the tag to flip.Pet Tag

To see a live demo Pet Tag in action, click here.

Where is my Pet Tag?

Easy. Look for it on your inworld Collar, and just click.

pet-tag-clickWhen you click it, it will open up the inworld browser (or an external browser, depending on your settings). If the inworld browser is blank, it cannot display Flash – just click “Open in external browser”. Works fine in Firestorm though.

Anyone can click on your Pet Tag to view it.

Editing my Pet Tag



To edit your pet tag, look for the Edit label on the top left. Only the sub and her Owner are allowed to edit the Pet Tag.

Some items (e.g. body measurements) reflects how you see yourself in Second Life, so they can only be edited by the sub. Other items (like “what to do if found”) are Owner-edit-only. If you are self-owned, or un-owned, you can edit those items too. When self-owned or un-owned, the Owner field will show “Property of CITY NOIR Underground”.

Now that you know, enjoy your (and your friends’) Pet Tag!








Are you on the new Gag Leaderboards?

leaderboardHi everyone,

Ready for the little surprise I promised? – new Gag Leaderboards, related to the Gag Circles.  And there are lots of boards:

Top 100 (all gags)

Top 20 (by gag types): Ball-Strap, Ring-Strap, Ball-Harness, Ring-Harness, Bone-Strap, Bit-Harness

Top 20 (by First Slave x): First Slave x6, First Slave x5, First Slave x4, First Slave x3, First Slave x2, First Slave x1

You can visit them any time by clicking the Leaderboards label on the menu bar at the top.

Congrats to all those who made it to the boards.

The Top 100 winner (Edit: that is, the avie ranked #1 on the Top-100 list) gets a special Top Gagette title in the Lulu’s Designer Club group (IM me if for it). You get to keep it even if someone else beats your score at some point.

Look around the boards, maybe you’re in there somewhere?



HUD7 Preview: no more set-ups, transfers

When the first Signature Gag came out and changed everyone’s SL experience with Air-Rez, it required something like a 7-step set up.

With the Signature Cuffs, it got reduced, but the poor subbie had to set up each individual Cuff plus key.

With the Signature Collar, that got reduced further as there was no need to set up the key.

And now, with HUD7

No more setting up all your LULU Cuffs, Collar or Gag. They’ll all there, ready, in the one HUD.

Even better, no need to transfer anything from one HUD to another. Just wear the one HUD, activate it, and you’re good to go!

Is that even possible? This changes everything! Again.

Closed beta (invite-only) of the Cuffs is starting soon.  Open beta will come after, and anyone who owns the Signature Cuffs can participate. Collar and Gag beta will be after the Cuffs beta.



Stay tuned for a little surprise soon. Those in the First Slave Circle group have already gotten a preview.

Vendor Gifting

Lulu-at-deskIf you’ve experienced issues recently trying to gift LULU gear to someone, and the vendor didn’t recognize the avie…

Good news!

I’ve just fixed it. Gift away!


Tip: Did you know that if you gifted something to someone, and that someone is unowned (or new to LULU gear), you will automatically be assigned as that person’s Owner? You know, just to get everyone started and into the mood…

Congrats Natsuki260, our latest First-Slave x6

Natsuki260, LULU First Slave x6 (Click to enlarge)

Congrats to Natsuki260 (aka Ysabeau) on becoming the latest First Slave x6 by completing the full Trials of Silence on all six Signature Gags.

Every LULU has a story. This is hers:

So, I finally completed my final gag trial. When I first started these gag trials, I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic, but my Domme wished me to at least get one of them done.

After the first one was completed, she said, “Good, now we can do the other 5.” as a joke, to which I decided “Not a joke any more, Lets do this!” As an odd form of minor rebellion.

“After trials 2 and 3, I found myself slowly getting addicted, and it was a nice tiny break from writing college papers and getting labs done.

Once I hit my final gag, I knew I was almost done, and I was excited to be able to say I’ve done them all, though now that it’s over I feel like “Now what?” Like I’ve just completed a game.

All in all, the challenge of the trials was rather enjoyable, and the fact that I had people to support me through this made a world of difference, otherwise, it never would have happened.

Thanks to all who helped, especially My Mistress Rayne!”

Are you a First Slave x6 too? Do you have a story to tell? IM me inworld.


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