HUD7 Beta.5 Refresh

HUD7-beta2The HUD7 Beta is going well. It’s flushed out quite a few bugs and they have been fixed.

We’re now on Beta.5, which brings some new goodies to the table.

What’s New with HUD7 Beta.5

  • you can now lock your HUD and uHUD directly from the HUD via:HUD Menu > settings > rlv… > lock HUDs
  • sexier anims, plus fixes mesh breaks in behind-head anims (bug #41), and fixes overlaps in boxed arm aim (bug #38)
  • discreet button now works
  • improved stability (reduces stack-heap errors during rez)
  • other improvements and bug fixes

You can read about previous key HUD7 (Beta.1 to 4) improvements over HUD6  here.

How to get your HUD7 Beta.5

If you have an earlier HUD7 just wear it and you will get the option to update.

If you have HUD 6, just go to the Secret Warehouse, say the password (“ponygirl”) and click the HUD7 Beta Board right above the Update Switch.

Do not wear your old (i.e. current, existing) HUD, uHUD, Collar or Gag together with HUD7. Weird things will happen if you do!

Bug Catcher Leaderboard

Remember to report any bugs, typos that you find, and you can get listed on the Bug Catcher Leaderboard!


♥ Lulu


HUD7 (Cuffs) Beta is out!

HUD7-beta2This is a little present for all of you out there who are spending Christmas in SL :)

Welcome to the HUD7 (Cuffs) Beta!

This is a Cuffs-only Beta. The Collar and Gag will rez (if you own them), but will not do anything else.

Do not wear your old (i.e. current, existing) HUD, uHUD, Collar or Gag together with HUD7. Weird things will happen if you do!

What’s New with HUD7

To recap, here’s what’s new with HUD7:

  • Quantum Core: way fewer scripts, but able to do more.
  • No more setting up each Cuff, Collar and Gag. No more transfers. Just activate the one HUD, and everything’s good to go.
  • If on no-rez land, will automatically switch to rlv-rez.
  • HUD is subtly prettier.
  • Enhanced menu navigation.
  • Anti-SL-bork built right in.
  • loads of little improvements here and there.

How to get your HUD7 Beta

To get yours, just go to the Secret Warehouse, say the password (“ponygirl”) and look for the Update Switch on the wall opposite the entrance. Click the HUD7 Board right above the Update Switch.

Then bring it to heavy sims with script limits and let me know how it goes!


Can you find the bugs? Not every issue is a bug! Often they are SL issues that are once-off. How can you tell?

Well, if you can reproduce the issue consistently, even on another sim (say at the Secret Warehouse), then you’ve probably found one!

Then just click “report bug” on your HUD menu. You will need to log in with your Public Register password.

Even if you report a simple typo, you will get listed on the Bug Catcher Leaderboard!

And thank you everyone from the Closed Beta who’ve helped catch the earlier bugs.

Enjoy your Xmas and New Year!

♥ Lulu


HUD7 Open Beta: Are you ready?

HUD7-beta2Hi everyone,

More good news for those who’ll be spending the holidays in Second Life.

The HUD7 Beta will be going public really soon, so you can take it for a spin.

Here’s how you can prepare yourself:

There will be a Bug-Catcher Leaderboard – just send in a bug report and so long as it’s a new discovery, you’re listed! And you sleep happy that you played a part in making your LULU Gear better.

You will need your LULU password to participate.

It’s the same username (your SL name) and password (not your SL password!) that you use to log into the Public Register. If you’ve forgotten your password, or are not sure, head over to the Public Register and log in from the top left.

If you doesn’t work, just “SIGN UP” or press the “FORGOTTEN PASSWORD” link – and either way you’ll get an invite to sign up again. Both Doms and subs are eligible.

Oh, and though the sign-up form says email is optional, to participate in the Beta, you need to provide a valid email.

♥ Lulu

HUD7 Closed Beta is on

HUD7-beta2Good news! The HUD7 (Cuffs only) is out now in closed beta (invite-only). The closed beta group should have received the HUD in the group notice (you may need to look at your notification history).

I’d wanted to release this earlier, but final tests showed up some issues that needed attention. And then I decided to bite the bullet and adopted a new data structure, which took time. And SL was hardly co-operative, throwing up some weird errors here and there.

Anyway, instead of trying to fix all the bugs I’m aware of, I decided to release this earlier, ahead of the holidays. Besides, this will give everyone a chance to get listed on the upcoming Bug-Catcher Leaderboard!

If all goes well, I’ll open up the beta to everyone before Christmas. But no promises.

Right now, I need a mini-break!

Enjoy! ♥ Lulu


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