HUD7 Progress and News

HUD7-preview-2Just a quick update on HUD7… Everything’s progressing well.

As you can imagine, with all the major improvements, like making it lighter but more powerful, and dropping individual gear setups and transfers, this is a massive, massive project.

There are lots of threads connecting various parts, and each one needs to work properly.

I was hoping for an earlier beta, but there are still some new functionalities that I need to put in first. Also, there’s no point putting out a beta with loose ends that I’m already aware of and really should fix first.

Oh, and a few people have asked how much the upgrade is going to be, so that they can save up for it.

So here’s the answer.

It’ll be free.  

If you own any Signature Collar, Cuffs or Gag, they will all be upgradeable to the HUD7 version for free when it’s available.


♥ Lulu

Have you clicked your Pet Tag yet?

It still amazes me how many avies I meet who haven’t yet discovered their own Pet Tag on their LULU Collar.

It’s one of the coolest things about the Collar, symbol of being owned.

The Pet Tag

The pet tag has a front and back. Just click the tag to flip.Pet Tag

To see a live demo Pet Tag in action, click here.

Where is my Pet Tag?

Easy. Look for it on your inworld Collar, and just click.

pet-tag-clickWhen you click it, it will open up the inworld browser (or an external browser, depending on your settings). If the inworld browser is blank, it cannot display Flash – just click “Open in external browser”. Works fine in Firestorm though.

Anyone can click on your Pet Tag to view it.

Editing my Pet Tag



To edit your pet tag, look for the Edit label on the top left. Only the sub and her Owner are allowed to edit the Pet Tag.

Some items (e.g. body measurements) reflects how you see yourself in Second Life, so they can only be edited by the sub. Other items (like “what to do if found”) are Owner-edit-only. If you are self-owned, or un-owned, you can edit those items too. When self-owned or un-owned, the Owner field will show “Property of CITY NOIR Underground”.

Now that you know, enjoy your (and your friends’) Pet Tag!








Are you on the new Gag Leaderboards?

leaderboardHi everyone,

Ready for the little surprise I promised? – new Gag Leaderboards, related to the Gag Circles.  And there are lots of boards:

Top 100 (all gags)

Top 20 (by gag types): Ball-Strap, Ring-Strap, Ball-Harness, Ring-Harness, Bone-Strap, Bit-Harness

Top 20 (by First Slave x): First Slave x6, First Slave x5, First Slave x4, First Slave x3, First Slave x2, First Slave x1

You can visit them any time by clicking the Leaderboards label on the menu bar at the top.

Congrats to all those who made it to the boards.

The Top 100 winner (Edit: that is, the avie ranked #1 on the Top-100 list) gets a special Top Gagette title in the Lulu’s Designer Club group (IM me if for it). You get to keep it even if someone else beats your score at some point.

Look around the boards, maybe you’re in there somewhere?



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