HUD7 Preview: no more set-ups, transfers

When the first Signature Gag came out and changed everyone’s SL experience with Air-Rez, it required something like a 7-step set up.

With the Signature Cuffs, it got reduced, but the poor subbie had to set up each individual Cuff plus key.

With the Signature Collar, that got reduced further as there was no need to set up the key.

And now, with HUD7

No more setting up all your LULU Cuffs, Collar or Gag. They’ll all there, ready, in the one HUD.

Even better, no need to transfer anything from one HUD to another. Just wear the one HUD, activate it, and you’re good to go!

Vendor Gifting

Lulu-at-deskIf you’ve experienced issues recently trying to gift LULU gear to someone, and the vendor didn’t recognize the avie…

Good news!

I’ve just fixed it. Gift away!


Tip: Did you know that if you gifted something to someone, and that someone is unowned (or new to LULU gear), you will automatically be assigned as that person’s Owner? You know, just to get everyone started and into the mood…

Congrats Natsuki260, our latest First-Slave x6

Natsuki260, LULU First Slave x6 (Click to enlarge)

Congrats to Natsuki260 (aka Ysabeau) on becoming the latest First Slave x6 by completing the full Trials of Silence on all six Signature Gags.

Every LULU has a story. This is hers:

So, I finally completed my final gag trial. When I first started these gag trials, I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic, but my Domme wished me to at least get one of them done.

After the first one was completed, she said, “Good, now we can do the other 5.” as a joke, to which I decided “Not a joke any more, Lets do this!” As an odd form of minor rebellion.

Coming in HUD7 ARIA: Wearing SigGear on no-rez land

Whoa. That took a lot longer than expected.

See, I was minding my own business, coding stuff, rewriting old code in the new Quantum Engine framework, when a thought struck me. What a wonderful opportunity to insert some new features that I’d always wanted to see, but simply didn’t have time to make happen.

Currently, if you wanted to lob some Cuffs on the sub and she happens to be on no-rez land, she has to manually dig into her inventory to wear her Used Cuffs (she didn’t delete all of them, right?).

Well, not any more.

Blog makeover!

Lulu-at-deskThis weekend something happened. Well, the blog went down. Turns out it was due to one of the plugins. A bit of panic, research and debugging later, I managed to fix it.

But the blog now gave up a blank screen instead of the error message. So I upgraded to the latest WordPress version (which I haven’t done for a bit).

After a bit of prodding and coddling, the blog finally whirred back to life. Since I had already been sidetracked from my coding project for the day, I decided to go down the ‘blog’ path and explore what I’d always wanted to do but didn’t have time to get started: give the site a makeover.

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