You asked for it… and I wanted to make something a little special, something more interactive, something that ties you a little closer to your sub… so it took a lot longer than anticipated.

Finally, after many months of development and beta-testing process amidst a hectic RL, the LULU Owner HUD is here!

It’s the perfect HUD companion to your sub’s LULU Gear. Even your own.

Now with Air-Keys, no more fumbling around your inventory to lock or unlock. Summon her to you, or TP to her. Wear or remove Cuffs by pairs with a click. Access all her menus from your HUD. Crawl, Train, Tighten Gag, Leaderboards, it’s all there.

Even when she is offline, it will tell you when she was last online, where, and whether she was Collared, Cuffed, or Gagged, locked or not. And you can now access her Pet Tag even when she’s away. And of course, her pic is there on your screen, all the time!

See, it shrinks and blooms like a flower! So you can keep your screen uncluttered.


Each Owner HUD can control one sub (or yourself) at a time, and you can re-target a new sub anytime. Wear multiple HUDs to control all your subs simultaneously!

As with the Signature HUD, the Owner HUD is equipped with Air-Patch technology – most updates will be done over the air: just log on (or TP) and it’s done. When a new HUD is actually needed, it will remember all your settings.

Buttons Click Click & Hold
Calls up sub’s HUD Menu if nearby.
If not, tells you sub’s status.
Expands or shrinks your HUD.
Air-rezzes Collar, Cuffs, Gag. 
If worn, shows Collar/Cuffs/Gag Menu .Shows correct Gear type worn (e.g. leather)
Air-rezzes default Collar, Cuffs or Gag
(usually last worn type) without showing option page.
If worn, detaches them. 
shows Lock/Unlock Menu Lock or Unlock immediately, without menu.
calls up Pet-Crawl menu Starts or Stops Pet-Crawl without menu.
 for Collar calls up Pet-Tag Calls up Pet-Tag
calls up sub’s Deed Calls up sub’s Deed
Air-rezzes wrist Cuffs.
If worn, shows Wrist/Arm Menu.
Air-rezzes default wrist Cuffs.
If worn, detaches them.

Air-rezzes ankle Cuffs.
If worn, shows Legs Menu.
Air-rezzes default ankle Cuffs.
If worn, detaches them.
Air-rezzes arm Cuffs.
If worn, shows Wrist/Arm Menu.
Air-rezzes default arm Cuffs.
If worn, detaches them.

Air-rezzes thigh Cuffs.
If worn, shows Wrist/Arm Menu.
Air-rezzes default thigh Cuffs.
If worn, detaches them.

Tighten or loosen Gag Tighten or loosen Gag
 for Gag show Training menu Start or stop training
show Leaderboard show Leaderboard
calls up sub’s uHUD Menu calls up sub’s uHUD Menu
HUD Settings targets a new sub to control

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♥ Lulu

PS. Many thanks to beta-testers, especially Miriam Himanez, chief bug-catcher!

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