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Blog makeover!

Lulu-at-deskThis weekend something happened. Well, the blog went down. Turns out it was due to one of the plugins. A bit of panic, research and debugging later, I managed to fix it.

But the blog now gave up a blank screen instead of the error message. So I upgraded to the latest WordPress version (which I haven’t done for a bit).

After a bit of prodding and coddling, the blog finally whirred back to life. Since I had already been sidetracked from my coding project for the day, I decided to go down the ‘blog’ path and explore what I’d always wanted to do but didn’t have time to get started: give the site a makeover.

So what was initially a one hour detour quickly slid down a slippery slope into hours as I tweaked this and that. And that and this. And…

Voilà. Hope you like it!


PS. I’m sure I’ll find something else to tweak tomorrow.

HUD v6.3.33 BETA refresh


HUD v6.3.33 Beta and Key Box v1.2.24 and Leash Ring v1.1.4

his refresh fixes a couple of bugs:

  • saying “/1l” will once again call the Collar menu (thanks Stormy Dench and perkCandy101!)
  • saying “/1r*” will call up the Leash Ring menu, which will now work. (Previously the menu would only work when you clicked-and-held the Leash Ring). (Thanks Kandy Giha)

If you have Collar v1.2.0, no need to set up. Simply

  1. Click the LULU logo on your HUD.
  2. HUD menu > HELP… > New HUD…
  3. Wear that, and you’ll get the transfer menu. Just transfer everything in.
  4. HUD menu > Give Key Box to your Owner, and ask him/her to get a fresh Leash Ring.

If you have an earlier Collar version, just go to the Update Switch and get a new Beta Collar, and set up. Then give Key Box to your Owner, and get him/her to get a fresh Leash Ring from that.



uHUD v1.2.2 beta

I’ve been very busy in RL (and will continue to be through January), but I managed to put together a uHUD v1.2.2 with some fixes:

  • fixed groundsit selection issue (thanks Aenisha for the bug report!) 
  • fixed RLV lock attachments/clothes to deactivate after relog or reset (thanks Estrella for the bug reports!)
  • general bug fixes.

You can get your update here.



Collar 1.2.0 and Cuffs 2.4.8 on General Release

The Signature Collar and Cuffs have gone off Beta and are now on General Release.

Signature Collar enhancements include improved Force-TP, LeashMe, Pet-Crawl, “?” button, emote texts and more.  See here for details.

Oh, there’s an enhanced Utility HUD v1.2 in the box too, with new AO features, new lock clothes/attachments, owner overwrite features, persistent settings, and improved shared folders, strip clothes/attachments, “?” button, and more.

Signature Cuff enhancements include improved menus, discreet mode, and various bugfixes. See here for more.

Oh, and this update fixes the “invalid force” and “can’t attach because already attached” SL errors introduced with recent SL updates. 

How to Update

If you already have the beta HUD v6.3.30 you don’t have to do a thing if you don’t wish to – everything’s the same except the beta HUD has the words “BETA” on them. If that bothers you, just get the new HUD and transfer everything over.

Update instructions here.

Thanks to those who participated in the BETA, and who submitted bug reports.