HUD v6.3.33 BETA refresh


HUD v6.3.33 Beta and Key Box v1.2.24 and Leash Ring v1.1.4

his refresh fixes a couple of bugs:

  • saying “/1l” will once again call the Collar menu (thanks Stormy Dench and perkCandy101!)
  • saying “/1r*” will call up the Leash Ring menu, which will now work. (Previously the menu would only work when you clicked-and-held the Leash Ring). (Thanks Kandy Giha)

If you have Collar v1.2.0, no need to set up. Simply

  1. Click the LULU logo on your HUD.
  2. HUD menu > HELP… > New HUD…
  3. Wear that, and you’ll get the transfer menu. Just transfer everything in.
  4. HUD menu > Give Key Box to your Owner, and ask him/her to get a fresh Leash Ring.

If you have an earlier Collar version, just go to the Update Switch and get a new Beta Collar, and set up. Then give Key Box to your Owner, and get him/her to get a fresh Leash Ring from that.



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