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Collar Tip: You can unleash your own leash, but not your Owner’s

LULU Convertible Leash Ring




There are times when… you need some self-loving.

So as the subbie wearing a LULU Collar, you can rez a LULU Convertible Leash Ring (set yourself as Owner first and get the Key Box) and you can leash yourself to it. And of course, you can also unleash yourself.

But, if someone else is set as your Owner, and she leashes you to it in-world, then you cannot unleash yourself. Only your Owner can.

The Leash Ring is smart enough to know who leashed you.

This smart leashing also applies when you are leashed to in-world objects.


♥ Lulu

Have you clicked your Pet Tag yet?

It still amazes me how many avies I meet who haven’t yet discovered their own Pet Tag on their LULU Collar.

It’s one of the coolest things about the Collar, symbol of being owned.

The Pet Tag

The pet tag has a front and back. Just click the tag to flip.Pet Tag

To see a live demo Pet Tag in action, click here.

Where is my Pet Tag?

Easy. Look for it on your inworld Collar, and just click.

pet-tag-clickWhen you click it, it will open up the inworld browser (or an external browser, depending on your settings). If the inworld browser is blank, it cannot display Flash – just click “Open in external browser”. Works fine in Firestorm though.

Anyone can click on your Pet Tag to view it.

Editing my Pet Tag



To edit your pet tag, look for the Edit label on the top left. Only the sub and her Owner are allowed to edit the Pet Tag.

Some items (e.g. body measurements) reflects how you see yourself in Second Life, so they can only be edited by the sub. Other items (like “what to do if found”) are Owner-edit-only. If you are self-owned, or un-owned, you can edit those items too. When self-owned or un-owned, the Owner field will show “Property of CITY NOIR Underground”.

Now that you know, enjoy your (and your friends’) Pet Tag!








Collar Tip: Link to your Ownership Deed

Did you know you can link to your Ownership Deed?

Here’s how:

1. To get the link, click the DEED button on your HUD (or HUD Menu > deed…). You will get a tip like so…


2. Select the web address (the blue text in brackets) and rightclick and hit “copy”.

3. Now you can paste it anywhere – like your SL Profile “Web” tab
 In Firestorm: right-click your avie > Profile > More Info (at the bottom)
In Phoenix: right-click your avie > Profile > Web)

And then Save if necessary.

Reminder: If you change your sub type (e.g. from slave to pet), you need to get a new link.




LULU Collar Tip: Add Pet (Slave) Sisters

Do you have a pet (slave) sister or brother?

Someone who is a good friend, perhaps serving the same owner, or perhaps not.

You can add his or her name to your Ownership Deed if both of you own a LULU Signature Collar. (Click the picture on the left to see what I mean).


Here’s how:

1. Log in to your Ownership Deed (click the “Deed” button on your HUD).

2. Sign in from the link at the top left corner of the browser. (You have already signed up, right?).

3. Hit the “Edit” button on the top right hand corner.

4. Click the  icon on the line saying “This pet (slave) has the following known pet- (slave-) mates.”

5. Nag your friend to accept. (She will be given the option when she logs into her own Ownership Deed).

Only the sub can add pet-mates. It’s a subbie thing.


LULU Collar Tip: Search the Public Register

One of the nicest things about the LULU Collar is that it comes with the Ownership Deed, which has a lot of useful information about the sub.

This deed is available for public viewing in the LULU Public Register. Unless of course, the options are set to private.

This means that besides viewing yourself, or your sub, you can search for  just about anyone, in the Public Register!

Go on, give it a spin! To start, just click the Public Register on the sidebar to the right of this post.