HUD v6.3.32 BETA is out with new Leash Ring


EDIT: If you’ve gotten the earlier HUD v6.3.31, please get a new one (HUD v6.3.32) as this fixes a “no copy” and “no transfer” issue with the Key Box. (Sorry!)

This is a minor HUD update with some goodies for those who want to use their own favorite leash holders with the LULU Collar, and those who’d like to use chat to activate the Leash Ring as well.

Leash Ring New (v1.1.3): 

  • clickable anywhere on the Leash Ring (even if your cursor doesn’t turn into the hand symbol when you hover over the Leash Ring).
  • settings menu – just click the Leash Ring and hold (or say “/1r*”). Settings allow you to:
  • hide the Leash Ring (in settings menu). Everything disappears, leaving a small transparent “ring” to which the chain attaches.
    • allows you to wear your favorite Leash Holder over the Leash Ring (choose “add” in inventory to wear multiple objects on one attachment point).
    • you can also drop it inworld and move it to the door knob or any other object you wish, whilst hidden.
  • say “/1r” – has the same effect as clicking the Leash Ring, giving you smart options depending on whether pet is here or not.
  • say “/1r*” – calls the settings menu (the symbol after “r” is an asterix or “star”).

Key Box (v1.2.23): 

  • wording change to include “Leash Ring” when the sub has the LULU Collar. 

HUD (v6.3.31)

  • HUD menu now has “take/give Key Box” instead of “take/offer keys”.

How to get it (no setup required):

Since the update is in the Beta HUD, the easiest way to do this is:

  1. HUD Menu > HELP… > New HUD…
  2. Wear the new beta HUD, and transfer your gear into this HUD (no setup required).
  3. Now, “give Key Box” (on the HUD Menu) to your owner, who will have to rez it and fetch the new Leash Ring (the keys can be denied “attach” if you want to get to the Leash Ring quickly).






2 thoughts on “HUD v6.3.32 BETA is out with new Leash Ring”

  1. Hello, I just got the beta hud and got all my Lulu gear into it, as I tryed to give my key box to someone it gave me this ERROR : Cannot give no-copy objects from an attached object.

    and I wasn´t able to fix it.

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