New SL 1.30 server fixes the bottom-inventory bug

From today, if you run Signature gear setup at the Secret Warehouse, you will be safe – and your setup should be a lot shorter.

City Noir (where the Secret Warehouse is), being a pilot region, has been refreshed with the new server update 1.30. This fixes the VWR-12525 bug that caused people to crash during setup (when you try to click on gear that has dropped to the bottom of your inventory), and which required a somewhat lengthy workaround.

(Don’t worry, if you’re on a sim that’s not been updated, it’s still perfectly safe to set up, the HUD will just add workarounds, that’s all – just make sure you wear the HUD directly from inventory at the setup sim. Do not wear the HUD at the Warehouse and then TP elsewhere to set up.)

Server Version 1.30 will be rolled out to the rest of Second Life:

17 Sep: pilot rollout to selected regions.

23 Sep 1.30 rollout to half of SL deployed ahead of schedule.

24 Sep 1.30 rollout to other half of SL deployed ahead of schedule.

How to tell whether your sim is on 1.30? On the SL menu, hit “Help” > “About Second Life…” and check the numbers behind “Second Life Server”.

During the rollout period, if you try to setup or re-setup, your HUD (minimum v5.4.4 required) should automatically detect whether the sim you’re on has been updated to 1.30, and setup will proceed accordingly. The only caveat is that you have to wear or attach the HUD while on the sim (and not wear the HUD and then TP in). It won’t work to also login into the sim. You’ll need to actually attach the HUD from inventory.

Benefits of the bugfix:

  • shorter setup steps (no need for long workarounds).
  • no more crashing due to this bug.

Though it took more than 5 months before this bug got fixed, in SL time, this is super-quick time. So, let’s be thankful. Thanks for voting and making it happen.



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