‘Destination did not accept’ Bug

UPDATE: See bottom for latest.

SL has currently broken the setup / re-setup process. Trying to do so will yield the very-helpful message: “Unable to give inventory: Destination did not accept’.

Workaround For Cuffs:

  1. Right-click your HUD and drop it onto the ground. It will turn into a ball. Ignore what this ball says on the hovertext (it will say can’t contact HUD and ask you to take it back to inventory).
  2. Say “/1.” and click “/1.re-setup” (if necessary).
  3. Start the setup process. It will rez a second yellow ball for the setup. This second ball is the one you drop your cuffs or gag into when asked to do so.
  4. At the end of the set-up, re-wear the first HUD. That’s it! (Let me know if this works for you, or not!)
Workaround For Gags:
[EDIT2: Just IM me for an updated HUD (Tell me what type of gag, e.g. ball:strap). Wear that and follow the workaround for cuffs above.]
Transferring gear:
Currently broken.

This affects not just LULU setup and re-setups, but all in-world updaters of any gear you have.

For more information, see the  SL JIRA.

Let’s hope the Lindens fix this soon!

(UPDATE 16 Sep:  Lindens have reported they are going to roll  out the fix on one RC sim next week. I am trying to get CITY NOIR to be listed on that sim. All setups and transfers should work normally on any sim with the fix. I’ve tested the fix on the beta grid and it works beautifully.)

(UPDATE 20 Sep: The SL fix for the bug will be rolled out on all 3 RC sims tomorrow (21 Sept Wed). If you wish for your sim to have the fix and would like to be included in the channel, go here. I’ve applied for CITY NOIR to be included in the channel.)

(UPDATE 21 Sep: CITY NOIR (where the Secret Warehouse is) has been updated with server fix for this bug. Please set up and perform transfers at the Secret Warehouse, or any Magnum or Bluesteel RC sim  (On your SL viewer, hit “Help”>”About” and see whether the server version is Server version 11.9.20.xxxx). This fix is expected be rolled out to the rest of Second Life on 27 Sep Tue).


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