Sneak Peek: Quick way to clear stray or borked anims

Sneak peek at the next Signature Cuff update:

Has SL ever borked your avie and you’re stuck in some embarrassing anim? Well, you could clear all anims via the SL advanced menu – but unfortunately that only clears the anims in  your viewer, and other people in the sim will still see you in your rather undignified state.

Enter the new “stop anims” command.


  • Say “/1.stopanims”.
  • Or say “/” to get the help menu (or click the “?” icon on the HUD), and click “stop anims”.

That’s it. This affects all anims currently playing, including anims from AO, cages, seats, etc. Your cuff menu will also reset, just as if you’ve issued “/1c–” or “kwik release”.

So, remember:


Coming soon.