LULU Collar v1.1 is out

Collar 1.1 is here!

Loads of new stuff, bugfixes. Details below.

Get your Collar Updates at the Update Switch. Oh, the Update Switch is now a bit smarter. Doesn’t require any used collar and allows you to get both updates together if you’re lucky enough to have both!


Collar v1.1.36 What’s New:

  • uHUD v1.1 Shared Folders. New features, bugfixes. See below for more.
  • Hide Bell. For those who aren’t into shiny jiggly things.
  • Leather collar slightly thinner-looking.
  • HUD menu: redesigned navigation, smoother feel. Now, with menu-based gender, channel changes.
  • Scripts: optimized rez scripts and processes. Removed two scripts.
  • Deed: copiable web address for you to paste into your SL profile, FB/Twitter/Blog profiles. Accessible from Collar Menu.
  • Security Check: Improved, less fails in laggy sims (for collar, cuffs, gags).
  • Many minor improvements.


  • No more crawl anim on TP when not in pet-crawl.
  • Discreet mode now survives relog.
  • Gender issues, males with some female text.
  • Various minor bugfixes.

uHUD What’s New:


  • RLV Shared Folders, with Sub Folders, and Lock.
    By Nagi Michinaga.
  • RLV Relay updated with owner-only lock/unlock.
    By Chloe1982 Constantine.
  • Mesh Cage, with anim and with working doors, for rezzing.
    By Petite Pixie.
  • Synchronized Locking. uHUD will be locked when any LULU Gear is locked, or when any RLV plugin requires it. Unlock is only possible when all Gear are unlocked, and all plugins permit it.
    – sub will be informed which feature  is causing the uHUD to not be detachable.
  • Rez Object will now auto-forcesit as well. Tip: relog will re-forcesit.
  • RLV Get Status will show current RLV version.

New API or functions:

  • rlvVer: active RLV version.
  • rlvHUDLocked: TRUE when main HUD is RLV-locked (which is when any LULU Gear is locked by key).
  • gearLocked: will show which LULU Gear is locked (==> uHUD is also locked). Bitwise 1= Gag locked, 2 = Cuff locked, 4 = Collar locked. When isRLV == TRUE, when gearLocked is positive, it means both the main HUD and uHUD are also locked.
  • ownerPressed(id,errMsg) : function will return TRUE if id is sub’s owner, so you can process the button. If FALSE, will automatically send errMsg (or default msg saying this button is for sub’s user, if blank).
  • lockUHUD(pluginName,boolean): function to lock or unlock the uHUD, in such a way that will sync with all other plugins and the main HUD. Will only unlock if everything allows.

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