HUD v5.5.0 + Cuffs 2.3.0 now on General Release

I’ve had no major issues with the Release Candidates, so they’re now going live.

Key features:

  1. White leather option! Just go to the “color…” menu and leather cuff owners will have the option of tan or white as the leather base. You can color either one to your heart’s content.
  2. Snappier rez. The HUD and cuffs should respond a lot quicker now after initial rez. Use less server resources during rez.
  3. Stop Anims. Say “/1.stopanims” or go to help (”/” or the “?” button on HUD) and then select “stop anims”.
  4. Various setup and menu improvements.
  5. Chain menu bugfixes (Thanks Frank Skosh).

Just go to the Update Switch at the Secret Warehouse (or at the old Secret Room in mainland Wolof if you’re not verified), and get a new set.

Because this involves a cuff version change, you will need to re-setup everything. If  you have gags that are on older HUDs, you can only transfer the gags into this HUD (you can only transfer to a later-version HUD). That is, you can’t transfer these cuffs into the older gag HUDs.

Have fun!


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