Coming: Subbie’s name-prefix for owners with multiple subs

Currently, if an owner had multiple subs with LULU gear, he could either set them on different command channels, or he could prefix the command with the subbie’s first name. e.g. “/1 Jane c”. Which is fine if subbie’s name were “Jane”, and not something really easy to type, like “Archimediatronix253”.

Coming with HUD v5.6.0, v2.4.0 cuffs and v4.1.0 gags:
The prefix will now be any part of the subbie’s first name (minimum 2 characters).
So, if subbie’s first name were “Isabella”, any of the following would work:
“/1isa c”
“/1bella c”
“/1is c”
“/1be c”

It’s still easier to just set the subs to different command channels. But you’d have to set them first. So, “/1isa channel 2” would do it.

Stay tuned,

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