Tip of the Week #4 Signature Gag Trials

Tip #4 is courtesy of Layla Slade, who is well qualified as she sits at the top of the Signature Gag Scoreboard at a whopping 360 hours! She gives us some tips on how to get your name up there:

“1.- As weird as it may be a lot of people expect you to talk normally even if you’re gagged so always try to have a titler to state you can’t speak while gagged. It saves you a lot of time and if they don’t pay enough attention you can always point to your titler.

2.- Keep the chat and history window closed unless you plan on talking and when you’re done close it straight away. Many times you don’t try to say anything but something can land on your keyboard, a cat can walk by or you might simply type a letter or dot by mistake. Having chat and history close can make you avoid this issues and help you keep well behaved.

3.- Change windows if you’re stepping away from the keyboard for a while ESPECIALLY if you have pets or visits or children etc. This is due to the same exact reason as above but since you’ll be away it is good to take extra precautions.

4.- Double check what you’re typing, it is easy to forget a slash or a number and it can errase hours of gag time, just a couple of seconds of double checking can make quite a difference!

5.- If you plan to do MANY hours in a row, be mentally prepared remember SL can mess up, it can erase hours and it is always best to avoid high lag areas so don’t expect a ton of partying. If you know in advanced and you can, tell your friends and family what’s goning to happen. They are there for you and not being able to communicate freely isn’t always easy so a little extra support won’t hurt you.

6.- TP-ing isn’t always bad but when you make many hours it is better to just relog in region if possible* but even then SL is a mess.”

* Lulu’s note: relogging saves your “state” at that point in time. That is, unless Second Life’s servers mess up, which they do from time to time.

So there you have it, from the Queen of Gags herself. See your name up there!

Lulu Ludovico

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