HUD v5.6.3 (Cuffs v2.4.1 and Gags v4.1.1) are now on General Release

First things first, I’ve been away for almost three weeks (mostly work), but now I’m back. I expect to be on the road for one or two more quick trips in the near future, but I think I’ll survive!

Since the latest gags/cuffs have been stable for a few months now, the v5.6.3 HUD (and Cuffs v2.4.1 and gags v4.1.1) are now on General Release (up from Silent Release) – meaning if you are using outdated gags/cuffs, you should now get a prompt to upgrade when you next rez a gag/cuff.

To upgrade, simply go to the Secret Warehouse and hit the Upgrade Switch.

Oh, and remember, v5.6.3 HUD will only accept the latest v4.1 gags and v2.4 cuffs – don’t try transferring your old gags or cuffs into your HUD as that won’t work.

PLUS: a few people have reported SL borkage after the transfer process in which the HUD doesn’t seem to recognize the transferred cuffs/gags even though the transfer went smoothly. To fix, try saying “/1.quickreset”… and saving your HUD if you haven’t already done so (click the “SAVE” button if it turns on). You can also try TP’ing to a new sim.

Have fun!


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