HUD 5.7.0 RC1.8 refresh

Some people (thanks Nagi Michinaga and Lori Claremont!) have reported a “Too many https too fast” error. So I went away and redid the way the HUD talk to the servers again.

What’s new:

  • RC1.8 will be more resistant to the SL throttle (i.e SL silently drops stats being sent to LULU servers)
  • Will know when the “Too many http” throttle kicks in and will resend later.
  • Removed five more scripts from the HUD.
  • Will now detect if SL borks the stats update script in the HUD.
  • Is more resistant to stack-heap collision error.

To get this RC HUD, make sure you have the latest gag/cuffs and go to the Update Switch. Select “HUD only” when given the option (you will only have this option if the gag/cuff you’re using to verify is the latest version). Just wear the HUD, and transfer your gear over. No re-setup necessary.



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