HUD 5.7.0 RC2.0 refresh

With v5.7.0 RC2.0, I’ve added a new friendly feature:

Replacement HUD: When borked, your HUD now gives you a  blank replacement HUD. You don’t have to go to the Update Switch to get a new one. You don’t have to re-setup your gear – just wear the replacement HUD and transfer your gear over.

The downside? It’ll only give you the same version as what you have now. Giving the latest HUD is not a good idea, as your current gear might be outdated and might not work with the latest HUD. You can still go to the Update Switch at the Warehouse to get updated to the latest HUD + gear.

Other features:

Initialization error: will now tell you what to do and self-recover rather than be stuck below 100%. Will also identify server communication errors.

Typos: Fixed, courtesy of the eagle-eyed Russell Applemoor.

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