Tip of the Week #5: “HELP!…” is your friend

Very quick Tip:

On HUDs v4.12.00 and above, on your help menu (click “HELP!…” button or say “/1.help”), you will see a “latest fixed?” button.

Clicking it will bring you to the Release notes of your cuffs (or gag). Why is this useful?

  • it’s a quick way to check whether your HUD/cuffs/gag is updated.
  • if you’re having certain problems, you can check whether it is a known issue, and has been fixed.

Quick note: “unreleased versions” are just that – they haven’t been released yet, but if you see stuff in gray, that means they have been fixed, or new features are in there, they’re just not released – yet.

The different versions are explained on the site.

So remember, “fixed latest?” is your friend.

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