New HUD v4.13.00 RC is out with Cuffs and Gags

Signature Command HUD v4.13.00 had an important new feature:

Pre-emptive Smart Reset will now periodically check for script errors. The idea is to hopefully discover any script errors before you do. It’s surprising how many people still don’t know how to use “/1.reset” when things don’t work. So I’m making Smart Reset a bit smarter.

And you are encouraged to use the new ZHAO v1.02 (LULU Mod) provided. These will silently work with the HUD, so that as soon as SL detects a stack-heap collision error, the HUD will automatically run a smart reset.

Also, v4.13.00 is a lot more stack-heap resistant (not to say it won’t have stack-heap errors – in today’s unstable SL environment, it’s impossible to prevent this, even for scripts that have over 70% free memory!).

Besides these, there are several important bugfixes, which you can read here for cuffs, and here for gags.

They’re at the respective boxes right as you enter the Secret Warehouse. Remember, you don’t get Release Candidates from the regular Update Switch, but at the Release Candidate boxes (blue and white ones).

Get ’em while they’re still warm.


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