Tip #8 You don’t have to lose your Gag Circle settings when upgrading

You’ve worked hard to chalk up the hours to get up to the next Gag Circle. Not easy considering the crashes that SL dishes out these days. Anyway, you are afraid that if you upgrade your gag to the latest version (or to a Release Candidate), you’ll lose all that hard work.

No you won’t lose your Circle – you can transfer the stats over to your new HUD. Just do this:

1) Get a new gag HUD at the Update Switch at the Warehouse (either coz your gag is outdated, or SL borked your current gag and you wanna start afresh)

2) Setup the new gag.

3) Wait a while for the “transfer” menu to pop up, or you can call it yourself by hitting “transfer…” on the HUD menu. Then follow instructions. Basically you will be asked to rez the old HUD at some point.

Well, in fact, other stats like your gag position, rotation, size and even your owner list will be transferred over. So you don’t have to adjust your gag all over again.

Only thing to watch out for is that you need to give your owners the new key – each gag setup generates its own encoded key.

Have fun!