Signature Cuffs Release Candidate v1.045

The Signature Cuffs v1.045 Release Candidate (RC) is out! Hmmm, what is a Release Candidate, you ask? Well, RC means if no one reports any bugs or gives a very good (and easy-to-implement) suggestion, that’s the version that will be rolled out into general release (you know, when you get the prompt that a later version of your cuffs exists). Think of it as a very late beta, which is more stable than a regular or early beta. Okay, now what’s new in v.1045? Heaps! Just a few:

  • enhanced RL Viewer support (no tp option when you’re in a no-move pose, except for tp invites from owners)
  • various bug fixes and improvements.

How to update?

  • go to the Secret Warehouse, look for the Update Switch. Hit that and follow instructions to get a new set.
  • Set up the new set. Don’t transfer settings from your old HUD yet.
  • Remember to activate any arm or thigh plugins you have, on that set you have setup.
  • Now you can transfer settings (and any gags) from your old HUD. Do this by clicking the Lulu logo on the HUD (or saying “/1.”) and hitting “transfer…” and follow instructions.

And finally, remember to IM me (or do the “tell Lulu” thing) with any bugs or suggestions. Don’t assume that someone else already did!

Lulu Ludovico

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