Tip of the Week #9 Cuffs’ Promiscuous Mode

Many of you know this already, but some might not know that the Signature Cuffs (and PLUS Cuffs too, actually) have a somewhat hidden feature: promiscuous mode.

It’s hidden because it’s only available to the sub’s owner. Many features of Signature toys are like that – some buttons will only show for the sub’s owner. (Hint: a sub can play with these features by just setting herself as her own owner! *evil laughter*). The button is found in the the cuff’s menu (“/1c”) under the “other” menu.

So what does Promiscuous Mode do? Well, when it’s turned on – it allows anyone out there to click the poor sub’s cuffs, and put her in all the compromising positions that the cuffs are designed for.

Er, well, what about griefers? Good question! Once promiscuous mode is turned on, the sub has a button called “ban…”. Just add the idiot to the list, and sub is immune to his unwanted affections.

Have fun!