HUD 4.13.03 is on General Release

It’s been almost two weeks since the 4.13.03 Release Candidate was released, and I’ve had no major bug reports. So, it’s time to go live into General Release.

The next time you wear your Signature gag or cuffs, you should be informed if your toy is outdated (some older versions might not notify you though – so just compare the versions yourself).

The 4.13.xx series boast improved Smart Reset (including pre-emptive checks that aim to detect SL problems before you do) as well better help system and numerous bugfixes.

Cuff release notes here.

Gag release notes here.

To update, just go to the Secret Warehouse, look for the Update Switch, click it, and follow instructions.


PS. Going forward, exciting stuff lie ahead for v4.14.00 RC. Stay tuned!