Try not to AIR-REZ your Signature gear in Server 1.25.4

Good news: The recent Server 1.25.4 (the SL software that a sim runs on) rollout across SL means a lot less Mono errors (though Signature gear will auto-recover with Smart Reset).

Bad news: Server 1.25.4 has a bug that sometimes might crash a sim when an object attaches itself to an avie. This obviously affects Signature gear.   (EDIT: Currently it seems like it’s less than a 5% chance, nothing to be overly alarmed about).

Good news: The Lindens are aware of this and are fastracking the fix. Molly Linden tells me they expect this to take “at least a couple of days” as they work out a fix and plan the rollout. They’ve got this on their internal JIRA. Also, if you crash, just log right back in immediately – the sims reboot a lot faster these days because they’ve optimized the simstate file.

What you can do before they fix this:

1. Don’t air-rez the cuffs/gags unless you really have to. Just keep them worn. Or just wear them straight from inventory (cuffs v2.1.0 onwards, on HUD 5.2.1).

2. AFTER SETUP or ACTIVATION, CLICK THE RED-DOT on your HUD to save your setup (even before you click the “cuff wear” or “gag wear” at the end of setup). Otherwise, if you crash, SL will rollback your setup and you will have to setup all over again.

Sorry about this, but things happen.

Lulu Ludovico

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