If you have trouble running setup

A few days ago someone came to me with a strange problem – setup will automatically cancel itself right after the Yellow Ball was rezzed. A fresh HUD didn’t help either.

So I ran setup and it worked fine. I gave a set to her Master (a friend) to try, and it worked well too. That ruled out LL corruption of the asset, or sim quirks.

After further investigation, it turned out that she was using RLV and wearing RR attachments at the time. Removing RR worked.


If your setup cancels on you from the start, and you are using the RLV, try these steps:

  1. Remove all RR attachments.
  2. If setup still doesn’t work, either: remove all other attachments (that might use RLV), or login in using SLV (SL Viewer). Then run setup.

That should do it.