Leather Cuffs v2.2.3 wrist-to-thigh chaining issue

First off, this doesn’t apply if you have padded-steel cuffs. If you have leather cuffs, it does not apply if they are prior to v2.2.3. They would also not apply if you do not have thigh cuffs.

This only applies to leather Signature Cuffs v2.2.3 bought or updated before the 25 Apr Sat 10:42 PST (SL Time), and only if you have thigh cuffs.

There is a minor bug where left wrist cuff would go the wrong way when chaining to the thighs (thanks Joy Stipe for the bug report!).

To fix, simply go to the udpate switch at the Warehouse and get a fresh set (when you’re presented with the option, choose “HUD+Cuffs”).

When you wear the new HUD, it will ask you to setup.

Now, instead of setting up everything and activating all plugins (you can do that if you wish, just that there’s an easier way), you can click “transfer” instead of “SETUP” (“transfer” is the button next to “SETUP”).

Now, go through the menu-driven transfer process, and rez your original v5.3.3 HUD and transfer everything over.

After the transfer, click the HUD “LULU” logo (or say “/1.”) and hit “re-setup” and re-setup the left-wrist only (if it throws up more than 1 menu option, just click “{wrist-left}” on any one, and press “Ignore” on the other).

The new left-wrist will still be v2.2.3. But the wrist-thigh bug is gone.

You might have to re-adjust the position and rotation of your left wrist though (good chance it’ll be a bit off) after the re-setup.