Gag Scoreboard and PLUS Cuff Scoreboard are now offline

In line with the previous announcements on the upcoming v.4 Signature Gags, the Top20 Scoreboard will be taken offline with immediate effect. This will allow me to conduct tests on the v.4 Gag.

What this means:

  • the Gag Scoreboard will no longer accept updates from v.3 Gags. (This won’t affect anyone whose best times are less than 81 hours)
  • when the v.4 Gags are out, the Scoreboard will be wiped, and will start accepting scores from v.4 gags.
  • your Circles will not be affected.
  • when the v.4 Gags come out, any Best Time over 24 hours achieved with a v.3 gag will be automatically truncated to 24 hours. This will happen later.

The v.4 Gags are long overdue, and besides a few new features, will work very nicely with the v.5 HUD, which has stabilizer features built in to counter the rather finicky SL world we live in.

As for the PLUS Cuff Scoreboard, I must confess I goofed.

I accidentally took the inworld server to inventory. That means that future updates will not work, because if I rez it again it will be given a new UUID by SL. But then again,the PLUS Cuffs have been superseded by the Signature Cuffs for some time now, so it’s not such a bad idea to conserve sim resources by taking it off line.

So, here they are, for posterity:


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