LULU Leather Signature Cuffs are out!

Finally! LULU Leather Signature Cuffs!

Nasty new look.

As promised, there will an upgrade program for those with the LULU Plus Cuffs.

  • if you have the Plus Cuffs, you can upgrade to the Signature Cuffs base set for L$790.
  • if you have the Plus Cuffs Arm plugin, you can upgrade to the Signature Cuff Arm plugin for L$790. But know that they are plugins are they require the base sets to work.

The upgrade vendors (at the PLUS vendors, not at the Signature side) will be available shortly as I need to prepare the vendors and upgrade packs. When they’re ready I’ll announce them in-world via group notices.
And just so you know, the Signature series is designed so that you can launch and control multiple cuffs and multiple gags from the one HUD. You just need to “transfer” (on the HUD menu) your toys from one HUD to another.

Now, go smell the leather, and enjoy!


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