Top Gagette Contest

Congratulations to Gracie Hyland, who is our very first Top Gagette. Gracie wins a Signature Gag or Cuff of her choice for her effort.

Are you Lulu’s next Top Gagette?

If you can beat Gracie’s best time of 102 hours, 11 mins and 19.5 secs (roughly 4.25 days) using the v.4 Signature Gag, you will win the title of Top Gagette (a group title in the Lulu’s Designer Club), plus a Signature Gag or Cuff of your choice. (Past winners are eligible to win again if they use another gag). Contest ends 31 Aug 2009, PST time.

It’s not easy – you can’t go AFK (going AFK after leveling, or after 24 hours, results in a sudden termination of the Trial). And there’s also SL’s crashes to contend with.

Good luck!