Fuu Allen is Lulu’s next Top Gagette!

Congratulations to Fuuu Allen, First Slave (Ring:Harness), and Lulu’s Next Top Gagette with a whopping 186 hrs. Online time, without AFK.

Fuuu is somewhat laconic (I think this is her secret – being of few words is a natural advantage when it comes to Trials of Silence, I suppose). She is also mostly submissive. When not under the control of her Mistress, Isabel Schulze, she could rebel and turn dominant.  Being as Fuuu is already restrained with the full set of LULU Signature Cuffs (padded-steel) complete with arms and thigh plugins, she wins a new Signature Ball:Harness Gag for her trouble. And the group title “Top Gagette”.

Also congratulations to Gracie Hyland, who is second (102 hrs) and Debbie Yardley, who is third at 37 hrs. They each win a piece of LULU Signature Art.

Hope everyone had fun 🙂