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By now, many of you know that the Signature Command HUD prompts you to save your settings by detaching it every time it has detected an important setting change. Failure to do so means that those settings will be lost the next time you crash, which we all know, happen a few times a day.

Now, this sort of database behavior is never accepted in mainstream MMORPG games. Imagine you are in Everquest 2 or World of Warcraft. You spend the last 6 hours gaining one whole level and getting that phat loot from that uber monster that you just killed. And then you crash, only to lose everything. No one accepts that, and rightly so – that’s why it never happens. Your stats and stuff still remain safe on their servers. You’re not required to detach anything to save anything. It’s automatic.

Why is it then that we accept this sort of thing from Second Life? No wonder people complain there is nothing to do here. It’s not serious enough a platform for roleplaying.

Want a better way? Please vote on the Jira. Votes matter in getting the Lindens to take note of something. If you not quite sure how to, start here instead.

Meanwhile, you’ll all have to keep detaching your HUD to save settings. Until the Lindens get off their bum and actually do something.

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