Signature Cuffs v1.046 RC Refresh, and Zhao AO v1.01a

Signature Cuffs Release Candidate have been refreshed with v1.046, available at the blue box in front of the Update Switch at the Secret Warehouse. If you received the in-group message, sorry there was a typo where I meant v1.046, not v1.045. The box itself and the Release Notes (in the group notice attachment) have the correct version.

If you have Zhao AO v1.01 and get the “Sexy: Walk” not found error, just load the “default” notecard (press the blue floppy disk icon on the AO and then select “default”) and you’ll be fine. Or, get Zhao AO v1.01a from the crate beside the Update Switch, or even get the v1.046 RC.

Lulu Ludovico

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