New Top20 Gag Circle Scoreboard

[13:17] Suzhanna Rossini: You know… That gag scoreboard look like shit.. Hehehe…
[13:20] Lulu Ludovico: Heh, funny you should say that… the next-generation scoreboard is ready for deployment next week – I’m just doing final testings 😉

And so… here we are. Goodbye to the old makeshift hovertext Signature Gag Scoreboard. Welcome to the next-generation:

  • Top Twenty names now, not just Ten.
  • Cool new look, Windlight ready.

A word about the Top Twenty… The Top Ten names are firm. The 11th to 20th names are not truly the next highest-ranked people. They’re there because they’re the highest-ranked who competed their Trials recently. See, your Signature Gags don’t touch base with my servers unless you just completed your Trial.

So, here’s everyone’s chance for their fifteen minutes of fame. Just complete your Trial, and if you’re doing better than the current 20th name, you’re in! Good photo opportunity if you ask me.

If you’re still wondering what all this Scoreboard thing is all about…click here.

Lulu Ludovico

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