Tip of the Week #1: New Uses for your Signature Real Key

Welcome to my first Tip of the Week. Short, sharp, for busy avies. On how they can make full use of their Signature toys’ many features, some of which are not prima facie obvious.

Tip #1 is for subbie’s happy owner, and revisits that little prim key you have in your pocket. Yes, the Signature Real Key, which has been around since the early days of the Signature Gag (circa 2006), that requires you to not only be near your sub, but also facing her for you to use it (yes, yes, laws of physics come to Second Life, blah blah.)

Tip #1a. You can use the key to order your sub over for any reason other than locking or unlocking her. Say, subbie needs a kiss or a spanking. Just whip out your key, click the button, and watch hapless subbie come over to you. Instant obedience, no permissions asked.

Tip #1b. The Signature key system is totally Cuff-aware.

  • If subbie is suitably bound in her Signature cuffs, and you click “come over” (even if it’s with a non-Cuff key, e.g. a gag key), she will come over in the “walk” of the respective position. Say she is bound lying down, she will crawl on her belly; if she’s standing upright, she must needs hobble over. Poor thing.
  • but if she is bound in a no-move pose (e.g. thighs tight), then, suprise! She will not be able to move.
  • unless she is bound with her arms in a suitable position, clicking “crawl over” will fail as she can’t get her arms in front of her.

Tip #1c. Everytime you unlock your sub, do check the message that is displayed in chat. That confirms that you were the last person to lock her, and at what time. If that time is different from what you remembered, beware – mayhap your sub is cleverer and naughtier than you think! And if your sub has reached the Slave Circle, you have the additional option of reviewing her lock history, which gives historic details of who locked/unlocked her, at what time and so on.

Go on, have fun!

Lulu Ludovico

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