uHUD v1.2 Beta




Some exciting new features in v1.2: improved AO with buttons and an intuitive Lock Clothes/Attachments system.

What’s New:

  • AO Buttons
    – New optional AO buttons: On/Off, Groundsit, Groundsit Anim, Sit Anim Overwrite.
    – Load multiple notecards for different AO styles.
    – Settings now persist through uHUD reset.
    Nagi Michinaga and original ZHAO HUD scripters.
  • Lock Clothes and Attachments. By Azrael Coeyman.
  • pose: entering a uHUD pose will now pause the built-in AO.


  • Sub’s owner can now use command channels other than 1 to call the uHUD menu (e.g. “/500..”)

How to get yours:

If you own the latest LULU Collar v1.2 (HUD v6.3.27 and up),

  1. Go to the Update Switch
  2. Click the uHUD button.
  3. Select BETA.


Give it a spin, and if something doesn’t work right, IM me!


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