Beta Collar 1.2 is out






The LULU Collar v1.2 beta is out!

Lots of goodies in this one…

  • IMPROVED Force-TP revamp: 

– faster, smoother performance all round.
– knows faster when sub is offline.
– same behavior whether you click the ring, wear the ring, or rez the ring… offers to summon pet if she’s online.
– option to stand or pet-crawl right after force-TP (in settings).

  • IMPROVED LeashMe: now you can choose which leash to unleash, if multiple leashes are active.
  • IMPROVED HUD’s @Lulu button: improved contact form with quick answers.
  • IMPROVED Pet Crawl: if seated, will now unsit automatically (with RLV on) instead of failing.
  • IMPROVED ? button: improved context-sensitive help
  • IMPROVED emote texts.
  • IMPROVED Will automatically override Firestorm AO when in pet-crawl (and other similar anims).
  • IMPROVED Allows transfer from BETA HUD to General Release HUDs.
  • FIXED error messages from recent SL sim changes:
    – “Invalid force in llApplyAngularImpulse”
    – “Attach failed because object already attached”
  • FIXED Gag Circle incorrectly shown on first-wear. See
  • Various bugfixes.

Get yours now, here’s how

Remember to get your matching uHUD beta, v1.2


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