HUD 5.5.2 out now –> TP re-rez issue, adds Gag re-rez

If you’re using 5.5.0 or 5.5.1 (up to beta6), you’re encouraged to update to 5.5.2.

  • At the Update Switch, choose “HUD only” if given the choice. It means you have the latest cuffs/gag and you don’t need to re-setup anything, just transfer gear over.
  • Regardless, if you have cuffs v2.3.0 or gag v4.0.1, you can press “transfer” at the setup screen and transfer your gear over. No need to re-setup.

5.5.2 adds the delayed re-rez feature to Signature Gag, where if the gag were detached in a no-rez or no-script zone, it would automatically re-rez on TP.

5.5.2 fixes an issue where the cuffs sometimes re-rez after TP (in v5.5.0), even though they weren’t detached earlier.

Thanks go to Frank Skosh, Akasha Menna, Zahara Christenson, for their detailed testing and reports, and to the many who’ve tried the beta and had come back to me.



More goodies are on the way that should help TPs and crowded sims/Homesteads.

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