SL rollback of 2.3.0 cuffs

Seems SL played a nasty trick – all 2.3.0 cuffs in SL have been rolled back to an earlier version that doesn’t recognize the white leather. The menu’s still there, but the cuffs can’t recognize the white leather. So don’t be surprised if your white leather cuffs are suddenly tan color now.

Instead of rolling out a 2.3.1 update (which means re-setup for everyone), I’d rather include it in the 2.4.0 update, which will have performance improvements. So the re-setup will have more benefits. Hopefully within the week.

Thanks to Chartruse Skytower, our latest Fashionista (voluntary helper) for reporting this and helping me test this.

[Update] Seems that not everyone is affected by this. lovelygirl Allen has reported that her white leather cuffs have rezzed just fine. She got her v2.3.0 cuffs from the earlier  v5.5.0 HUD though.


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