Signature Gag v3.21.00 RC + HUD v4.10.00 RC out now

This is a big release, with numerous improvements.

Key new stuff include:

  • vastly improved help, including context-sensitive links to relevant online help pages
  • Restrained-Life viewer – able to IM up to 3 friends (excluding owners) while gagged (but only with “garble off” or “garble loose”)
  • streamlined save process and smart reset (worn restraints will no longer automatically detach – though if you’re a Signature Cuff owner you will need the next Cuff Release Candidate to see this – otherwise current cuffs will still detach). You can now even save (detached) while locked.
    • Instead of being spammed, you will get a red dot to the right of the HUD logo to remind you to save. Click that for instructions. You can even ignore the red dot and save when you feel like it (of course, don’t crash or you’ll lose data!).
  • numerous bugfixes and improvements. Details here.

So if you own any v.3 Signature Gag, you can get your Release Candidate at the Secret Warehouse. Look for the white box when you enter.


Lulu Ludovico

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