Signature Cuffs v1.05.01 RC and Gag v3.21.01 RC

Like the Gags, the Signature Cuffs are having some major improvements.

Key changes:

  • integrated help, including context-sensitive links to online pages.
  • streamlined save process (a discreet red dot on the HUD now reminds you to save at your own leisure, instead of “countdowns” and “save reminders” on your chat screen)
  • ability to detach HUD (for saving) without detaching your cuffs if worn, even when locked. You will need to re-wear your HUD within a minute or so though, or the cuffs will detach (with alarms if locked).
  • smart reset will also not detach your restraints when the HUD detaches. You will need to re-wear your HUD within about a minute or so though.
  • Details here.

Note: Only Signature Gag v3.21.01 and above will not detach with the HUD. The previous gag version will detach with the latest HUD (v4.10.03). This is due to a new check for the correct HUD after “smart reset” or “save”. If you wear the wrong HUD it will tell you.

Go get yours at the Secret Warehouse, from the blue box right inside the door.

Lulu Ludovico.

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