Signature Cuffs v1.05.03 RC + Gags v3.21.03 RC

Okies, finally managed to squash a few key bugs in the previous Cuffs v1.05.01 RC. So here we are with the latest combo.

Overall, this is the most robust HUD yet. Key changes from the General Release versions:

  • integrated and friendlier help
  • new HUD buttons: coffee cup (blog), question mark (online help) and red dot (time to save)
  • no need to detach restraints during transfers, smart resets or saves (except if you were locked in Restrained Life viewer). And no more “save your settings” spam.
  • bug-fixes here and there.

Latest cuff release notes here. Gags here.

Remember, both gags and cuffs need to be updated to access all the no-need-to-detach features. And since these are Release Candidates, get them from the RC boxes (white and blue) when you enter the Warehouse. Don’t use the Update Switch as that gives you the general release version.

On another note, looks like my shipment of suitably-abused leather just came in so I can start fabricating the leather cuffs now. Now to sew in the buckles and D-rings and internal steel wires. *wicked grin*.

Lulu Ludovico

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