Signature HUD v4.10.09 + Gags + Cuffs Release Candidate Refresh

And I thought I could work on the leather cuffs in peace.

Decided to work in some smart reminders to remind people to activate their plugins after a successful setup – current plugins do not transfer from old HUDs as they require to be setup as well. Some people were wondering why the plugins didn’t transfer.

While I was at it, decided to add a few more reminders, like offering owners your new keys (every setup creates a new key linked to that new serial number). Again, people tend to forget to do that after they transfer their owner settings from the old HUD, and wonder why the old keys don’t work.

Also, fixed a few bugs, the most serious of which was the smart reset could fail silently in the previous RC versions.

See the Release Notes for more info: cuffs and gags.

Let’s hope I can get down to working on the leather now. *feels the smooth yet abused surface* Yum.

Lulu Ludovico.

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