Tip of the Week #3: Getting help and previewing what’s new

If you are using the Signature Command HUD v4.10.x and above, you will notice the big “HELP” button on the HUD menu. Now, if you encounter an unusual problem, where to find help? Well, the various help options are right there on the help menu after you press that button:

  • group help (Lulu’s Designer Club).
  • 24/7 Online searchable help – great place for searching for keywords (if your keyword doesn’t turn up anything, try other keywords – seems MySQL search sometimes doesn’t work very well).
  • smart reset. Chances are, if something doesn’t work right on your HUD, it might be due to a “dead” script. Smart reset will revive it and even restore lost settings. (But v4.10 versions below v4.10.09 might not work properly, saying all is well when it really isn’t).
  • what’s new. The latest release notes. If you are not using the latest version, perhaps your problem is a bug that has been fixed in the latest version. (only v4.10.09 onwards have the “what’s new” button on the help menu).

This last “what’s new” is the main focus of this week’s tip. Sometimes, you will see that the latest version is an “Unreleased” version, and the text is grayed out. What does this mean? Where can you get this version?

Well, you can’t. At least not yet. Unreleased simply means it has been fixed, or is being fixed for the next release, but is not yet ready. It is there so that you can check your problem against the bugfixes to see whether it is a known issue. If you’ve made feature requests, you may also peep here to see whether it’s on the way.

So here we have it. Might as well explain a bit more about the Release Notes headline (e.g. “Signature Command HUD v4.10.10 + Signature Cuffs v1.05.05”) color coding:

  • Black or blue headline = General Release (most stable, fewest bugs; gone through wide testing);
    • update notice: users will be notified once they wear the respective toy. Just go to the Warehouse and click the Update Switch, and follow instructions.
    • silent-release: there is no update notice. But clicking the Update Switch at the Warehouse will get you this version. And new purchases will also be this version. Sometimes, I will put Release Candidates on concurrent “silent releases” if I feel that new users will benefit from it more than the risk of potential bugs. In this case, there is a good chance that the silent release will work its way towards an “update notice” pretty soon. Another reason for doing a silent release is that this version has minor improvements over the previous one, so I do not want to bother the majority of existing users unless they have specific reasons to update. New users however, would benefit.
  • Red headline = Release Candidate (mostly stable, might have a few bugs, otherwise on the way to general release soon)
  • Gray headline / text = Unreleased version (still in alpha, or closed beta testing)

And what if you still can’t find the answer to your problem? That’s probably the time to submit a bug report (also on the help menu).

That’s it for this week.

Next week: Layla Slade (reigning queen on the Gag Scoreboard) shares with us her tips for getting your name up there.


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