Just a little update on the leather Signature cuffs

Finally I’m able to get started on this again – and I know many are waiting for this. It’s a bit challenging sometimes when you’ve got a few projects running at the same time and need to change from one mindset to another – from sim issues to Photoshopping to debugging to blog/online help issues to vendor issues to customer support to scripting new stuff to photoshoots (SL and RL) to prim-design… You get the idea.

Anyhoo, all the prims have been made – not as easy as it sounds as certain cuffs, like the thighs are a lot bigger than the wrist or ankle ones, and are not simply re-sized versions. The scaling has to be more subtle so as not to overwhelm.

And just a little hint… the leather version will use… sculpties! Yup, leather, being organic, lends itself very well to the sculptie mode.

It will be a whole new look.

Lulu Ludovico

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