Cuffs v2.4.0 Release Candidate out now!

2.4.0 Beta Cuffs:

  1. 50-71% fewer scripts: All eight cuffs have a script footprint that is 29% to 50% the size of previous versions. The heaviest combination of scripts will see the maximum reduction of 71%. This means better TPs and faster rezzes, barring the usual SL issues.
  2. White leather option: this fixes the SL rollback of v2.3.0 white leather option.
  3. Owner re-size: Sub’s owner can now re-size sub’s cuffs for her. Look out for the new option in the cuff menu (under “other…”)
  4. Improved setup: Now Setup detects an SL “feature” that sometimes would kill cuffs as they rez, and repeats the setup step automatically.
  5. New options: Now Drop-Rez (cuffs dropping from the air) and Starburst (the flashing light around cuffs as they rez) are options – only sub’s owner can change these. Regardless, re-rez are always direct snap (without dropping).
  6. SigCuff short name: Short name is changed to SigCuff (instead of sigCuff -> short name necessary because of limited space in object names).
  7. Prettier menu: Menus look a little better.
  8. New prefix option: To target a specific sub, you can now use any part of her first name as prefix (minimum 2 chars). e.g. in the past you say “/1 Olivia c” – now, “/1 ol c” works, or “/1 liv c” works as well.
  9. More accurate positioning/rotation: Newly-rezzed cuffs use a more accurate positioning and rotation system to overcome default SL inaccuracies.
  10. Detaching HUD: Instead of detaching worn cuffs, cuffs will remain, but will not be operable till after HUD is reworn. If cuffs are locked, a detach will be recorded.
  11. Various Bugfixes, including problems remembering chain links through rezzes (thanks Frank Skosh for the bug reports)

Where to get:

Secret Warehouse, at the BETA boxes right inside. You will need to setup everything you have (cuffs and gags) – nothing can be transferred over from you current gear.


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