Gag v4.1.0 Release Candidate Out now!

The Signature Gag 4.1.0 Release Candidate (late beta) is out now. If you have some time to test and break the gag, go get them at the Secret Warehouse 🙂

  • Up to 65% lighter in scripts.
  • Avatar Rendering Cost reduced by over 50% – via strategically fewer prims.
  • Rez/unrez anims: introduced in 4.0.0, but were subsequently “lost”. Now they’re back.
  • Starburst on rez: Now gag will starburst on rez.
  • Re-size: Sub’s owner can now re-size the gag for her after putting it on.
  • Setup: Improved check for a devious SL bork, and recover accordingly.
  • Garble: garbled text on /8 (or RLV) will no longer be preceded by emote text.
  • Short name “sigGag” is now “SigGag”.
  • Label command: label command can take both “,” and “:” for color (e.g. label <255,255,0> test). Entering “,” will no longer crash the gag.
  • New prefix option: To target a specific sub, you can now use any part of her first name as prefix (minimum 2 chars). e.g. in the past you say “/1 Olivia g” – now, “/1 ol g” works, or “/1 liv g” works as well.
  • More accurate positioning/rotation: Newly-rezzed gags now use a more accurate positioning and rotation system to overcome default SL inaccuracies.
  • Detaching HUD: Instead of detaching worn gag, gag will remain, but will not be operable till after HUD is reworn. If gag is locked, a detach will be recorded.

Where to get:

Secret Warehouse, at the BETA boxes right inside. You will need to setup everything you have (cuffs and gags) – nothing can be transferred over from you current gear.


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