“Not all Cuffs Worn” Issue

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[Edit2] I might have a fix for this. If anyone needs a test set, IM me.

[Edit] I’m pretty sure this is caused by a change in the way SL servers process scripts. It was fine for a long long time, and then suddenly this happens, even if it’s intermittent. Still working on a solution.

Recently, I’ve been getting intermittent reports of the HUD thinking that some Cuffs are not worn, when indeed they are all worn.

I am investigating this issue. I’ve made some progress, thought I’d fixed it, but it still rears its ugly head intermittently.

If you’re experiencing this problem, you can wait a few days while I dig deeper into this. You can also subscribe to this bug report to be notified by email when the status changes.

If you can’t wait, you can try to figure out which Cuff is causing the problem (e.g. wrists or ankles) and try to re-setup one or both of the Cuffs (again, and again, if need be, till it works – it is intermittent, and is affected during a ‘botched’ setup, so if it works, it would continue working).


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