Release Candidate Gag v4.1.1

RC Gag v4.1.1 is out, with bugfixes and an important fix:

If you have v4.0 or v4.1.0 gags, the penalty for missing a No-AFK prompt would sometimes be very large (e.g. 24 hours for missing one prompt). This is not by design – the average penalty for each infraction should be way less than an hour. I’ve checked the code and it looks fine – it seems like it’s one of those SL lag / sync issues. A few Fashionistas and I have tested this and couldn’t repro it.

That said, it’s obviously very frustrating to be hit with this issue, so I’ve decided to hard-code the maximum possible penalty for each infraction as 1 hour – most of the time it should be way less, and you will only get the maximum if (a) the random generator decides so, and (b) you have been afk for hours and hours, missing many many prompts (the penalty increases slightly after each infraction, but is subject to a random event so you won’t really feel so).

Please try the 4.1.1 gag and tell me if you have problems.

There are other bug fixes, notably correct RLV garble tight/No-IM messages, and you’ll get a lot more random emotes again.

This release candidate clears all known bugs. If you spot any more, send me a bug report 🙂

If you intend on doing Trials, you’d be better off with v4.1.1 than v4.0.x or v4.1.0.

Thanks Data Montgolfier, Frank Skosh, Idris Georgia, Babi Harbour and Chartruse Skytower for beta testing and various bug reports.



PS. To get the Release Candidate, click the Beta Boxes which are at the door when you enter the Warehouse. All previous settings will be automatically transferred via LULU servers when you set up the gag.

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