Cuffs v2.4.1 Release Candidate, HUD v5.6.3 refresh

The Release Candidate Cuffs have been updated to v2.4.1 (mainly fixed a gender issue – thanks Chartruse Skytower!).

The HUD has also been updated to v5.6.3 (the sim performance bar was overlapping the LULU logo).

If you have v2.4.0 cuffs or below, you need to re-setup the cuffs.

If you have v4.1.1 gags, you can just transfer into the v5.6.3 HUD (which you get for your cuff update, or if you get a fresh gag RC box, at the setup screen, instead of choosing “SETUP”, choose “transfer…” to transfer in the v4.1.1 gags over from your v5.6.x HUD.

REMINDER: Gags or cuffs from old HUDs (v5.5.x and below) cannot be transferred into the v5.6.x HUD -> there are fundamental changes that make them incompatible.

I’m expecting this to be the last RC refresh – if I don’t receive any major bug reports, this will go into general release soon.


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