Signature Gag 4.2.0 is out

New feature:

  • add line-breaks, symbols, and Asian (or European or other special characters) in “gag label”. You can add a line-breaks like so: “Bad\nGirl”, and the label will display as “Bad” followed by “Girl” on the next line. (Thank you, Idris Georgia for the feature suggestion.)

Other special characters are listed below:

You say: The label will display:
\\ \
\s single space
\n new line (adds a line-break)
\t 4 spaces (equivalent of a tab)
\uxxxx a unicode character 0000xxxx, where xxxx is a 4-char hex string
\Uxxxxxxxx a unicode character xxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxx is an 8-char hex string
\hXxxx… X is a hex character, it’s value is the number of pairs of hex characters that follow it, xxx is a raw byte array of utf-8 characters, be sure they are valid characters

Hint: Asian (and other special) characters are represented by unicode characters, which can be specified in the format \uxxxx (e.g. \uaec8). You can find the “xxxx” hex string that represents the character you want by using the free Windows program Character Map. Fire up the program, and change the font to Arial Unicode, and browse through the characters – the hex string for the character will be shown at the bottom. For example, the Chinese/Kanji (Edit: apparently not! Thanks, Nagi Michinaga) word for slave is 奴, which is shown as “U+5974 below”. To use this word in “gag label”, simply type “\u5974” (without the “+”).


  • gag menu’s “remove” button will now always work (previously did not work for a small group of users).
  • “gag faq” button works again.

Reminder: Because the new HUD is the latest (v5.6.4) – if you have Signature Cuffs (which come with v5.6.3 HUD), you will need to transfer the cuffs over to the gag’s HUD. That is, always transfer from an older to a newer HUD – attempting to do it the other way round will not work (and it will tell you so). This way you will always have the latest features/bugfixes.


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